Our Story

We asked our founder and CEO Jack how the brand Kanut Sports began and what were the under lying ideas for this performance inspired line. He had some insightful information and creative thoughts on the brand’s history. Here is what he had to share:

“One of the most unique and interesting communities on this earth that know how to perfectly survive cold weather, are the Eskimos. The Eskimo people have amazed me with their miraculous survival skills in the harsh climates and environment of the arctic. They face so many difficult challenges year around (zero below weather, blizzards, six months of darkness, etc) and I had myself wondering how they braved all of this and continue to do so? I started researching about this nation and found one of the reasons Eskimos were able to survive in such a harsh environment, was that they wore appropriate clothing and accessories to help withstand the freezing cold. This key fact got me thinking about how I could create a performance line that mimicked the characteristics of the Eskimos warmest items. Warmth, mobility and to prevent snow infiltration were at the top of the list for excellent functionality.  I was truly inspired by their creations and wanted to give my outdoor enthusiast products that could serve them in extreme weather while doing what they love most (sports, hunting, fishing, climbing)  I used this mantra as the source of design and conception of the Kanut Sports brand. The word Kanut comes from the Eskimo language. It means fresh snow without any ice.  Kanut Sports brand was my dream and now it is a reality. We not only support individuals who love winter snow sports, but also all who are nature enthusiasts. Thank you for supporting us in this adventure!”